Contacts App soft buttons not showing on 1.4 firmware

I’ve upgraded some of the phones to 1.4, and it looks like the contacts app buttons broke.
Here is how a contact looks:

Same contact on 1.3.3 phone has Dial VM as a button.

Happens also to intercom and transfer ‘buttons’, they just get added to the list in all caps.
So far I’ve tried connecting to a different freepbx and creating a new contact in easy mode and connecting with a factory reset phone.

It didn’t break.

The Contacts app had a large changeset between 1.3 and 1.4 firmware. The old dedicated softkeys for Dial VM, Intercom and Monitor (which weren’t applicable for most people as people outside of Switchvox weren’t really taking advantage of them, and the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX didn’t write-in the proper dialplan injection into the Dial macro to take advantage of) have gone away, and now you’ve got actions, as you see up top.

In situations where we’re maintaining backwards compatibility (with the has_voicemail) option in the Contacts file (along with the can_monitor and can_intercom), we write out a default action as you see with the “DIAL_VM_DEFAULT” action up there.

You won’t see the softkeys moving forward. To replace “DIAL_VM_DEFAULT” with something a little friendlier, like “Dial Voicemail”, you’d have to have a Contacts file that wrote out proper actions, and the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX doesn’t currently do that.

Got it. thanks. The ugly all caps threw me off.

removed 'has_ voicemail=“1”'
and changed

to in contacts*.xml As per Wiki

Should work as a temporary measure.
Hope there will be an automatic way in the near future. =)