Contact URI

Im completely new to this and i need some help, this is my first time trying to configure an asterisk based PBX, the long and short of it is i am trying to configure some SIP trunks but at first i couldnt dial in or out now i can receive but not send calls, my service provider gave me the below information and said the contact URI should have my phone number in the string instead of the private IP address of my asterisk box, any help would be much appreciated.

Using freepbx version 2.9.0


Shelf : 1
Slot : 5
Registration ID : 0x005C8B
Address of Record : [email protected]
Registration State : COMPLETED
Contact URI : sip:[email protected]:5060
Next Hop TSAP :
Registrar’s Domain Name :
Registrar’s TSAP :
External Expiration Time (sec) : 120
Internal Expiration Time (sec) : 3599
Creation Time : 2012-01-04,19:30:47.08 GMT

You probably need to use something like this:

You do not need to use a separate “register” statement.

Your public IP address will be visible as soon as you properly configured NAT settings in “Asterisk SIP Settings”.

Update: apparently the contact URI had nothing to do with why my setup wasnt working, my service provider implemented a new platform and they are still having some teething pains. Long on short im good now thanks for your input.