Contact Manager vs Asterisk Phonebook CID Lookup Performance

I’m currently using the Contact Manager for managing my contacts (duh!). But all I use it for is providing a customized CID to my ring group. I don’t use any of the more advanced features.

My question is: would I be better off moving my external contacts (around 7000 of them) to the Asterisk Phonebook from a performance standpoint? I’m not having any problems now, but I see in the CID Superfecta that Asterisk Phonebook is ‘Fast’ while Contact Manager is not.

Are there any limitations on either of the phonebooks that I might run into?


As Contact Manager is newer and more feature rich module than Asterisk Phonebook, the day may come when support for APB is dropped. I would not obsess over ms for this.

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Good enough for me, thanks!

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