Contact Manager Sync

I would pay for a license for a module that would allow us to automatically sync Contact Manager contacts between two or more internal FreePBX or PBXact systems.

That’s all.

If you only need to push contacts in one direction, and the whole of the Contact Manager module should be identical between systems, you could probably do this with backup/restore, only pushing settings for Contact Manager.

If you need 2 way sync, or less than the shotgun approach, something custom would be needed.
I really wish Contact Manager had a graphql module, this would be fairly simple to implement in a script if it did.

I guess what I had imagined is the following. Right now when you create an extension and associated user in User Manager the contact is automatically added/updated in the Internal tab of the Contact Manager module for that system. Delete the user or rename it in any way the information gets automatically updated for that contact in Contact Manager.

If you have a second PBX for a second location and extensions/users are managed on that system the Contact Manager needs to be manually kept up to date between the two systems using the External tab.

It would be pretty amazing to be able to setup an automatic sync between systems that would ensure that all the contacts are present on both systems and automatically update the information between the two as users and extension information is being changed/removed without having to go to manually update the information for users setup on the second or third system.

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