Contact Manager sync with external server (3rd party or supported)

Is there a way to sync the data in the Contact Manager with another external database like Exchange, AD, LDAP, CSV, etc?

I have a client that is now requesting monthly syncs of their Contact Manager directories with their Sharepoint directory… and trying to think of an easy automated way to handle this.

Not exactly what you want but could be a good place to start. You can parse the content of contact manager and organize it in a XML syntax. I noticed this was written by @sorvani.

If you only want to import data from a third party, then you can do this via command line with the Bulk Handler module.

# do something to pull down the external contact data like 
# Import the list with the replace option.
fwconsole bi --type=contacts --replace ldapexport.csv

To get the data out, there is no bulk export function on the command line. So use something like my XML file as a starting point to output what you need.

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awesome that might work.

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