Contact Manager error after recient updates

Recently (june 11/2018) updated freepbx 13.18.0 to current versions of all modules, using the Freepbx Module Admin. All modules are on Stable track.
I didn’t make any changes to the configuration of the system, other that applying the updates and updating the phone firmware. (All phones are Sangoma S500’s)
After the updates, users complained that when they try to transfer to voicemail, the list of extensions/users no longer displays anything.
After digging around for awhile, I discovered that if I go into the contact manager in the administrator web interface, it throws an error.
SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘n.countrycode’ in ‘field list’
Various other menu’s related to the contact list in other modules will throw the same error.

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Did you submit an issues ticket on this? Your database is hosed, which means that either the update didn’t update your database, or somehow a copy of the old database was used to overwrite the new database structure after the upgrade.

If it was the former, the developers need to know. If the latter, you either need to manually upgrade the database or remove and reinstall the contact manager module so that the database can be upgraded.

I have similar errors - when creating new extensions it throws SQL error, if I refresh it loads and says the ext has already been created. I can then ‘apply config’…When going to contact mgr in modules it also throws an SQL error. Should I remove my contact mgr module and reinstall?
version: FreePBX
Contact Manager13.0.43.5

fwconsole ma install contactmanager

bam! problem solved…thank you sir

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