COntact Manager - create "User Manager Group" in upgraded system


I have a client who was originally on the 6.x version of FreePBX and some time ago they got upgraded to the current version and have been remaining upgraded since.

They have been looking at the “Contacts” REST app to have a searchable company addressbook. They can add groups and add users to those groups (from User Manager), but they don’t have a default “User Manager Group” that automatically includes all users, like other systems I have installed have.

This is obviously because the version they upgraded from didn’t have this feature (or at least not as robust as it is now), but i am wondering if there is some script that can be run to create this default Contact Manager group and have it behave “properly” (i.e., automatically add/remove/edit users as they are modified in User Manager)?

Alternatively, is there a way to bulk-add users to the custom groups?

Thanks! :slight_smile: