Contact IP and Network IP not matching and one way audio

Currently my sipstation setup looks like this

Asterisk Reg. Registered

Contact IP

Network IP

The network IP is showing the IP of a network I previously had my trunks setup at, i’ve verified the contact IP address is correct in Asterisk SIP settings, is there a way for me to change the networkIP or do I need to contact SIPstation to have that corrected?

Also currently I can make and receive calls but have one way audio, (people can hear me from the PBX but I cannot hear them behind the PBX) my PBX currently has all forwarding done (5060 and 10000:20000) and passes the SIPstation firewall test, can the one way audio be caused by the IP mismatch between contact and network or can it only be a port forwarding issue? Are there any ports other than what I have forwarded that I need to forward?

I have to be losing some forwarding with the router, signed into the sipstation account on a softphone with my laptop on a public IP address and audio worked fine. Any ideas what ports I might be missing? Also tried the machine in the DMZ still has 2 way audio issue

Do you have your localnet and externip settings changed in Asterisk/FreePBX

Its setup thru Asterisk SIP settings

Local Networks /
External IP

Also have connected the FreePBX to a public IP and called out using it no 2 way audio issue, the solution i’m leaning towards now is installing a 2nd NIC and having outbound traffic go out the public interface and LAN traffic come thru the 2nd NIC, is this possible?

I would not suggest connecting a public IP for security reasons.

Is you externIP set correctly? That could be the source of your issue.

Yes it is set correctly.