Contact Directory Servers OWA issues

Hello folks,
Firstly if I’ve posted this in the wrong forum my apologies, it wasn’t intentional.

Having said that, I’m attempting to use the exchange sync functionality (exchange 2010) and am not seeing any errors in the logs, the only error message i’m being provided is “Could not connect to server, please check your username and password!”

I’ve verified that the FreePBX system can route and resolve the OWA url, and that OWA works. I’m not entirely sure if I should be using my extension, or domain credentials for authentication (i’ve tried both).

Any assistance would be wonderful.


Anyone? :slight_smile: still having the same issue

This module was built 5 years ago and nobody has touched it since it was built. I am sure it doe snot work well and not something we at the project are supporting. We have plans this year to build a real contact manager solution.

Understood, thank you sir!