Contact details on Sangoma Phones


We installed a FreePBX 14 / Asterisk 16 / Sangoma S705 telephone system for an office, and they have a number of contacts in the FreePBX Contact Manager. They have to use these contacts, and the accompanying speed dials to connect with suppliers. The suppliers often have an account number or password assigned to the accounts, and my office would like these numbers readily available.

So, the Contact Manager in the Name field has the account number:

ACME Gizmo (Acct 135)

and that part works. The users press Contacts on the phone, and the number is called, but then the information on the screen is removed, simply showing the number called


Is there any way to also have that account number show up on the screen? That way, when the phone is answered, the user on the phone can simply read it off the phone’s screen?



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