Contac manager bug latest version

After upgrade Contact Manager module to release, we cannot add any extension, CPU il always 100% and problem is due to Mysql connections, only fix is restart pabx and downgrade module to

others have had the same problem ?

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I performed an upgrade last night with: fwconsole ma upgradeall and seeing the same thing. If you do top in cli - do you have a bunch of update-contacts proccesses and the mysql process is taking up 80-90% of the cpu utilization?

you can use pkill update-contacts and it’ll come back in 5 mins. This prevents other phoneapps and zulu from working correctly.

I created a case with Sangoma for our PBXAct but waiting for response. Ticket #1014074 for any staff monitoring the forum.

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Betting this is related to:



fwconsole stop contactmanager
fwconsole ma downloadinstall contactmanager --tag
fwconsole chown
fwconsole reload
fwconsole start contactmanager

After downgrading to the previous version, less of the update-contacts processes have spun up and mysql is now at about 40-60% instead of 80-100%.

Update 1:
All my update-contacts processes have now gone away and mysql process is down to 3%. It’s stable now. I’m confirming whatever’s in is causing the issue, not happening in x.x.x.43.

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Hi, I have the same problem. I had setup a system for a customer and did the update a couple of days ago, just before go live. Importing their contacts (105 of them) into contact manager caused the system to run out of memory and the console shows various processes including asterisk dropped to free memory.
Adding an extension and running HTOP shows 3 contact manager processes taking up 75% of the CPU for 10 minutes.
I am on the same versio

Please update to the latest contactmanager module v15.0.8.48 and give try.


Yes the updated version works without issue.
Thank you

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