Consulting Assistance/Proposal for Work need to be completed

I have installed Freepbx, and bought the admin module that supposedly will assist in making me receive emails from freepbx. However, I can not seem to properly configure my system to email me the messages, nor can I get the system to have my Polycom Phones identify messages, by flashing light or in the message center. I am looking for a consultant or someone to assist me with this work. I would like to have documented as part of the assignment, what areas are changed in writing so I have a permanent record in the event I need to do future system install. I also need the consultant to assist me in automating my backup of the phone system so i can be assured of a quick re-installation in the event of a crash. It would be great to get the documented steps on the back up as well.

Does anyone know of developers who can do this work for me and who can send me a proposal on cost?

Thank you for your assistance in regards to this matter.


At the top of this page is a link for “Support”. You can purchase paid support from the folks at Schmooze Com, Inc.

I can vouch for tony and his team. They just helped me migrate an older FreePBX system on 2.6 up to 2.9. They are great to work with.

Thank you for the note, I understand purchasing the support, but I want to make sure I receive a quote for how long this should take so i can understand the cost. I am a small shop 2 employees using the system. I am running the latest version of 2.10, but I have a few of these nagging issues that need to be fixed and setup properly with documentation.

Hopefully someone from tony’s team can contact me so I can understand the total expected cost.

Thanks again.

I would be impossible to know how long something would take but I can assure you we are efficient, as the support team is made up of FreePBX Developers so we know the ins and outs better than anyone else. Plus the money helps pay the developers who slave endless hours for the better of FreePBX.


Thanks for the kind words. Glad we were able to assist you and meet your expectations.