Constantly Blocked out of Admin (Firewall issue)

I am constantly getting where the admin panel is no longer reachable, as though the firewall is blocking me out, I could run fwconsole firewall stop and I was able to access the admin panel for a period of time then it would block out, I then uninstalled the firewall module thinking that would fix it, with no luck, it still happens, and I have to reboot the server to be able to get back in before I am kicked out again.

couple more updates i am constantly having to run:
fail2ban-client set asterisk-iptables unbanip MYIPADDRESS

to keep access, how can this be disabled, I added my IP to the known networks, but that does no good.

Whitelist your IP in intrusion detection:

You prob have a misconfigured device that’s triggering the ban.

Got it thanks!

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