Constant "Registered SIP 'XXXX' at...'


Here is my setup:

  • FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-11
  • Asterisk 13.9.1
  • PBX is in a data center (static IP, using built-in firewall)
  • Phone sets are all remote, behind a NAT firewall (RV04, I have no control of it)
  • PBX has “NAT=no” and extensions have “NAT=yes”

I was running things using CHAN_PJSIP, but I have just converted the system over to CHAN_SIP in the hopes of resolving some intermittent issues that we believe is at least partially the cause of CHAN_PJSIP.

(In case it is of interest, there are intermittent issues where someone will call an extension internally, and the person’s phone wouldn’t ring. In addition, two users reported in the last couple of days that their phone never rang all day, they didn’t have any VMs, but they could make outgoing calls)

This all appear to be workng fine, however for about fourteen extensions (out of a total of twenty-four), my Asterisk CLI gets the following message for each of the fourteen extension approximately every 45-60 seconds:


  • XXXX = extension
  • 111.222.333.444 = external IP the phones are behind (masked in my example above, of course)
  • ZZZZZ = random port the phone is connecting to

The other ten extensions don’t do this, and I have been going through their configurations, comparing, to see if I can spot a difference but I can’t seem to. The extensions in question seem to be working, but I cannot confirm as I am not onsite, but when I call a couple of these extensions, I can see in the Asterisk CLI that the phone is ringing, then it eventually dumps me to VM. This is when I am testing from my test extension on my laptop or calling in from an outside line.

This may be related to the intermittent issues, because the two users who reported this are amongst the fourteen, as are the users that have been reported as not always getting calls successfully transferred to them.

Any advice on where else to look or what further info you may need to help me troubleshoot this further would be appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile: