Consistent Asterisk/FreePBX Crash Issue

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(Andrew Nagy) #82

I think you are stuck on the fact that it’s saying “unknown” in your FRACK. But backtraces are generally used when asterisk actually crashes and the crash dumps are analyzed. This is where we see backtraces working. The fracking is the only (or one of) time in Asterisk where it does a backtrace while live. I dont know how to fix this and I dont think Digium does either.

(Steven Sedory) #83

So we did finally have a crash on that server about an hour ago or so. I noticed a new command on the “Providing Great Debug” page, and ran that:

/var/lib/asterisk/scripts/ast_coredumper /tmp/[name of the core file]

I’ll be posting on the bug tracker now.

(Roberto Fichera) #84

Hi stevensedory,

I’m having similar issue and I know is more than 2 years old, however did you manage to sort out the problem?


Hi @robyf,

Asterisk on one of my FreePBX servers started randomly restarting. I created a post here:

Things seems to be sorted now. I’ve not had a restart since my last post :crossed_fingers:

(Steven Sedory) #86

We ended up moving everything to pjsip. There were definitely issues with chan_sip, but the Asterisk people were no longer supporting it, so we made the move.

(Roberto Fichera) #87

Yep! I’m also moving to chan_pjsip since I’ve tracked down a deadlock in chan_sip using TCP and the bridge.