Consequences of RedHat future plans for CentOS

From our point of view, what consequences can we expect from this recent move by RedHat >

Do we need to stay atop?

Do we want to get involved?

Do we need to fork?

This is NOT something we are concerned about. You will notice that we have moved from “CentOS” already. This is mostly an invisible change to the users and was a matter of doing some back end stuff. It is all about how they wish to license and manage their trademark. They don’t want people like us to stop using their stuff. What they want is there to be a clear distinction. If you use the FreePBX Distro it is not pure CentOS and could not be supported as such. You may or may not have seen community rants related to this in other places and frankly it is all non-sense.

If I write an application called widget. Widget is mine I have 100% control over the code and every aspect of it. I want to let everyone use widget as they see fit because I am a cool guy. Along comes Chad. Chad likes widget but wants it to do some other stuff that widget doesn’t do on it’s own. So Chad makes Digit based on Widget. He had to add a bunch of stuff to make widget in to digit. Now digit users know he based his work in widget and come to widget for support. What they want support on involves code added by Chad. So we say sorry go see chad we can’t help you. Problem is Chad got bored and moved on to something else. Suddenly we are a bunch of jerks because we won’t support digit and neither will chad.

So to save the drama we simply say you can use widget as you see fit but if you modify it you must inform people that it is not “widget”

Great, we’re off the hook then.

Does that mean Schmooze is in charge of maintaining the FreePBX underlying OS repositories too?
Including patches, new releases, backports, etc?

Wow, that’s quite a commitment, thanks guys.