Connecttng Analog Line


I would like to be able to connect a couple of analog handsets to to my freepbx. My understanding is a FXS card would do this. Just want to make sure this is correct. I am having trouble understanding the difference between fxo and fxs cards.

FXO= landline going in to the pbx
FXS= Voip service going out the pbx

I do not have a landline i wish to use and simply want my sip’s converted to an analog line for some extensions.

Is there a PCI-Express card you could maybe recommend? SOmething Basic?


You will need an FXS adapter. There are multiple vendors like Digium, Snagoma, Rhino and others that make PCI versions. You can also get an external unit from companies like Mediatrix, Cisco and others.

I have used Digium PCI cards as well as Mediatrix and Cisco external units which are also called an Analog Telephone Adapter ATA