Connection to NUT-Server (NetworkUpsTools)

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I’m using a NUT server connected to a powerwalker UPS as my UPS-System. However, since it’s not APC, I can’t get the apcupsd from FreePBX to work with it. Is there a workaround to this? I’ve thought about manually installing nut on the server, but that doesn’t seem like that great of an idea.

You can install nut directly with yum. Just run yum install nut and then configure the nut installation as a nut client. That should be it. I’m running nut on many FreePBX servers, some of them are standalone, some are nut servers and some are nut clients. In all of them, it works as expected.
As a side question, why would you think it would not be the best idea, if you care to elaborate, maybe I’m missing something.

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Oh well, that was so easy that I actually didn’t thought about it…
I’m always careful when it comes to modifying/installing software on proprietary systems, some don’t tolerate that as well (coughfreenascough).
But so far it seems to work great. Thanks,

You’re welcome. Given that FreePBX distro is based on Centos, you can install a lot of packages directly from yum, without the fear of disrupting the operating system.

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