Connection to FreePBX web interface never completes

The system is a appliance with a trixbox 2.4.2 install.

While being overly enthusiasic in getting setup I made changes to passwords, probably, in a non-logicaly order. But after recovering from that I am able to get to the main trixbox webpage and visit and make changes to all the other areas … except for FreePBX.

When I select that I get a flurry of network traffic and see the messages

[Feb 28 09:53:58] VERBOSE[14744] logger.c: == Manager ‘admin’ logged on from 1
[Feb 28 09:53:59] VERBOSE[14744] logger.c: == Manager ‘admin’ logged off from

in /var/log/asterisk/full at about 7 per second. The webpage load never completes but sits at about 66% in the Firefox progress-o-meter. The apache logs give no indications or a problem so I’m thinking it is in the php code (not an error but the solution) but I can find nothing in the logs to indicate what is actually happening.

Can anyone offer some insight or debugging techniques to sort this out.


The Administrator account did not have access to the admin area.