Connection refused error on gui

Hi all,

I would appreciate any help, currently while trying to connect to my FreePBX server and therefore the gui via a switch, after a period of 1-2 minutes I receive a connection refused error. However when I connect straight to the server without the switch I am able to utilise the gui and access the server without issue. Sorry if this seems like a simple issue, but would I be looking at a problem with the switch or the setup of our FreePBX system?

Thank you

Can you better explain your network topography

take a look at fail2ban’s jails, if you can. are you getting blacklisted for some reason?

i’ve got a couple scripts Here that might help:
(and yes, theres a license on that repo… :wink: for the admins)

you might want to go to system admin > intrusion prevention, and whitelist your source IP.

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