Connection Refused After fixing Endless Activation Loop

Hey FreePBX Community! Its been awhile. I doubt my problem is common. I would like to think I came across a unique gemstone.

A little back story, this is my second FreePBX Install. Luckly ahead of schedule. If there’s no fix I’ll have to run down my checklist and reinstall / configure the entire system to where it was functional.

I was at the point where I was configuring a SIP Trunk. Now the issue began after troubleshooting my SIP Trunk issue which I’m not here to discuss. To sum up my SIP Trunk issue, we have a dedicated SIP trunk on a multi-port PBX system. Inbound calls work great. Outbound calls dont. IT seems our Sangoma Phones (using ZTP) were calling out as the extension DID (3 digits) and not the test DID (10 digits) thus being refused by our SIP trunk provider call out access.

Now, to explain the second part, I rebooted the PBX server to possibly see if the DID & CID would finally be enforced. I logged in like a normal admin to its GUI, went to System Admin, like a normal Admin, and found out our PBX somehow deactivated. We haven’t done any fancy networking stuff before hand, just DID & CID entries in SIP, Outbound Routes, and Extensions. So I logged in to the account to tie this PBX system to its original deployment ID, called Sangoma, had help from an agent to un-link the system so I can reuse its deployment ID on the PBX system. I should have asked why this sometimes happens - however I just wanted to get back to the objective - so fine. Now - I’ve provided the deployment ID the system would use, (dont want to lose system admin pro and do the entire Sangoma Phone fleet ZTP reslecting - cool.

Accepts Deployment ID to use - System redirects to port 8080, apparently an issue that hasn’t been fixed, so I’ll make a note for next time to turn LetsEncrypt before reactivating to avoid this - definitely a future considerating when reactivation is on the table. Enough with my ramble, I find on these fine forums, “Stuck In Endless Activation Loop” title explains my situation perfectly; and so I discover the Asterisk DB, and then I discover the sysadmin_options table, and discover more such as, ACP and LePort and change them respectfully to get the system to activate; I rebooted, ran fwconsole reload, however nada, than I found another solution. That solution was much simplier, issue from SSH, “fwconsole sa a %deployment_id%”. Looks good! Activation process began spiiting in console. So I reboot after trying the browser again. However now… I get connection refused.

This PBX system has, LetsEncrypt (chngd port to accomdate for activation, however redirect to 8080 was still an issue) Port 8080 doesn’t appear to respond.

Accessed the PBX from its LAN - connection refused.

NAT & Firewall rules created were allowing Sangoma Phones to register externally, and Admin Control Panel was accessible before breaking the system.

I have created a packet capture. To be perfectly honest. As stressed as I am I can’t properly learn it in these moments. I found the connection between a computer on LAN, and trying by its FQDN and see packet incomplete. Willing to share. Is it PCAP file to share, or what I see?

Again Apologies for the long thread!

In advanced thanks for the past help and future help. :slight_smile:

Edit: I have checked Fail2Ban IP’s non which matter are banned - nonetheless to test, I temperarily stopped Fail2Ban Service.

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