Connecting Xlink Bluetooth gateway to FreePBX

I’m new to voip stuff and want to set up GSM gateway to my Freepbx (using Dual-core Freepbx installed PC my place). Mainly I need to connect GSM mobile phone to make calls via soft phones. So the structure will be,

Softphone > Freepbx > GSM gateway

For the GSM gateway I need to have connect mobile phones to make out going calls. Therefore I decide use Xlink Bluetooth device to connect 3 mobile phones and connect it to PBX FXO adapter. But I’m not sure about which FXO connection should I use (FXO card or some linksys SPA3102 adapter).

I’m expecting advices from experts following areas.

[A] Does Xlink Bluetooth reliable?
[B} Xlink support 3 concurrent calls. Do I able make to make 3 concurrent from Freepbx? [C] Which FXO adapter good (cheap) to have?

Feedback really appreciate.

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