Connecting two servers


I have just followed the instruction on how to connect two FreePBX systems together…

Everything is working fine and i can make internal calls between each system, But…

Both system have the same extension range ( 2XX ) as there was no intention originally to connect them together. At the moment I have a dial plan of 6|2XX which is working.

The problem I have is as follows

System A has an extension defined as 201 - Bob
System A has another extension defined as 205 - John
and so on…

System B has and extension defined as 201 Jane
System B has another extension defined as 205 - Alison
and so on…

I make a call from extension 201 on System A to extension 205 on system B. Extension 205 on System B shows the incoming call as being from Jane on extension 201…!

From what I know, the reason for this is because System A sends the caller ID as extension 201, System B picks this up and as it has it’s own extension defined as 201 which belongs to Jane, it shows Jane as the caller.

What i need to know is, is there a way round this as e.g instead of sending the extension number can it send the extension name ?

Having the two systems connected together is great, not knowing or even worse, thinking someone else is calling you is a real pain.

Also, on another note the original instructions say i could use dial plan 3+4|XX to replace the 4 with a 3 when dialling the other system, I can’t seem to get this working. Can someone explain to me how the syntax should work. What would be nice is rather than dialling a 4 digit number to connect to the other system, I would rather say any extension with a 5 is the remote office but as all the extensions numbers are the same the outbound rule will need to replace the 5 with a 2.

Any help on this would go along way, thanks in advance…