Connecting two FreePBX machines - Make sure we can't use each others SIP trunks


There are 2 free pbx systems. These are in 2 different organizations that work closely together. They both have SIP trunks to an external providers and are billed for external calls separate.

I am looking at this to connect both system together, so both users at each end can make calls between each other. -

Is there anything that can be done (on the Organisation 2 PBX) so Organisation 1 can’t make an outbound route that will send external calls to the SIP trunk belonging to Organisation 2?


Simply don’t route those patterns between the machines.

But what is to stop a dodgy admin at either end making that pattern?

Nothing, why would someone you don’t trust have admin access? Seems counter intuitive.

Lock them out of the routes module then.

If I understand what you are asking, as inbound calls over the peer trunk arrive at context “from-trunk” you can structure an inbound route to handle them. That way a remote caller should not have any more privilege than any other call arriving from the pstn.

I agree that you should not peer trunk to a PBX you can’t trust.

@SkykingOH We can’t lock them out of there own PBX…

The main thing is not its a lack of trust but maybe to prevent mistakes. If IT staff change in the other org we really don’t know them to trust them.

If i set an inbound route do i have to do one for each extension?

Could i put a setting on my trunk to my provider that will only allow calls that originate from my server?