Connecting to MySQL

Hello everyone,

I have been having difficulty accessing MySQL on my PBX, specifically the CDR database. I have been trying to access the database through Navicat from my computer on the network but that won’t work. I have tried to access the databse through ssh but it seems any login I try to use won’t work.

I have tired using root, maint, admin, and etc and nothing will let me log in. I have searched for what to use and a few sites say to use asteriskuser and amp110 or admin and amp109 and those don’t work either.

Also, I added a rule through webmin to allow 3306.

Does anyone know how to access the MySQL database?

Thank you,


What is this, a trixbox?

I just found out the password by default is passw0rd…

The thing is I can’t login to mysql at all… unless I’m doing something wrong?

I’m running the command:
mysql -u root -p

to try to login as root, but it keeps saying access denied. Should I do something else?

Thanks for the help!

I would add another user account to MySQL and use it just for the Navicat.