Connecting to A Mitel installation

Ok phone poeple, I have a customer that has a Mitel installation. We want to have a direct link between them and our FreePBX system. I guess I’m looking for a Dundi connection between them and us so they can dial our extensions directly.

Can anyone help. I have no idea how Mitel is setup so at this point we are fishing.

Is this possible?



None of the Mitel systems support DUNDI afaik, but some do have SIP support. If your customer’s system can support SIP stations or trunks, you should be able to configure regular SIP connections between the two systems and then correctly setup the extension routing on the FreePBX side and Mitel side. If the Mitel doesn’t support SIP, you will need to use analog or digital trunking between the two systems. You might consider putting in an ATA or two at your customer location. Plug them into analog trunk ports on the Mitel. Register them as remote extensions on your FreePBX. Basically, this makes your FreePBX system like the phone company. Then set the trunk routing and access code on the Mitel to allow users to dial into the new trunks. Your Mitel should pass all the dialed digits after the access code straight to the ATA. Then the ATA passes them to your FreePBX as if they were dialed from an internal extension. You would also need to do some work on the FreePBX side to get the outgoing calls to the Mitel to work easily, since your connection to the Mitel looks like regular extensions, not trunks and outbound route.

That’s just to give you some ideas. However, I would not recommend doing this on your own. If you don’t have Mitel experience and/or a complete set of manuals, you’ll probably need to hire someone to program your phone systems.


You could set a FreePBX box between the Mitel system and the PSTN, then you can program it to handle your Dundi stuff. If the Mitel is fed with a PRI, you will need a 2 port PRI card. If it is fed with 4 PSTN lines, you will need 4-FXO and 4-FXS ports

John, I thought about that as well. But it looks like this project won’t go anyways.

Our problem was one of the school boards we work with wanted a dedicated phone number to call. I know they switched over to an IP phone system so I thought that a dundi or sip connection would work great. However, they are a school board… They do things differently… They are going to investigate what can be done on their own and in the mean time i set up a sip phone number for them for 6 bucks a month.