Connecting Siemens HiPath4000 to Elastix and Elastix to Planet PBX

Hi, my company is running Siemens HiPath 4000 and one of my remote site running Planet IP PBX, the problem is that both of them unable to communicate.

After checking, I found out that both of these system able to connect to Asterisk, which later I install the Elastix which uses FreePBX.

To be frank, I had never installed any Asterisk before, and I only learn it from some youtube videos.

I hope someone could enlighten me how can I setup the FreePBX to become intermedium to transfer any call from Siemens to Planet as well as from Planet to Siemens via SIP trunk.

Thank you

This is an ambitious project for someone with no telephony experience and no Asterisk experience.

Basically you need to setup trunking and establish dial plans between the devices and providers.

You may want to engage an experienced consultant.

Thank you for your reply, yes I know I need to setup SIP trunks between both of the box and I will also need dial plans. If there are some reference or samples it will help me a lot. I am learning while doing, not want to be expert on VoIP but rather want to get things done.

Asterisk trunking is extremely well documented. Have you read the Asterisk sample sip.conf to see all the options in a SIP trunk?

Remember any Asterisk trunk declaration can be use in FreePBX trunks.