Connecting multiple freepbxs

Hello everyone,

First to introduce myself, I am complete noob to freepbx.
I am currently the IT Coordinator for a private school in Mexico.
We are using freepbx with 10 digital truck lines.

We want to assign those trunks to the another sites that we have.
Site1: has public STATIC IP
Site2: has a dynamic public IP
Site3: has no public IP
Site4: has PTP connection, and we do have this connected to one the trunks

I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to have all sites connected to our main site. We setup some VPNS, we also are looking into ipsec.

Any recommendations would surely be appreciated. We are looking for someone in our area with expertise on this but we haven’t found one just yet.

Thanks in advance.

Make a Asterisk subnet, and connect via VPNs.

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I would off load all trunking to a solid SIP proxy, perhaps kamailio/DsipRouter

The individual connections will be easier to manage


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