Connecting hundreds of analog lines to the PBX

I’m wondering what is the recommended (or best way) to connect a few trunks of analog telephone lines to a FreePBX system. It would amount to about 300 lines, none of which require the advanced features of a IP PBX. There will still be about 50 IP phones attached to it.

Digium makes cards that go up to 24 ports, but I would need several of them and I don’t know of any motherboards that support more than 5 or 6 PCE Express slots.

Vega Gateways:

Xorcom offers a “very” scale-able FXO/FXS/T1 channel bank solution, all USB, the hardware drivers are native to Asterisk and it offers HA fail-over also.

With that quantity of lines, your network closet must be either immaculate or a nightmare…

I’ll back it up a step from these guys and ask - why can’t you convert from analog lines to SIP delivered over fiber? The price point on 300 analog lines probably doesn’t look great vs fiber.