Connecting freePBX to cisco devices

we have a cisco AS5300 wit an E1 card, this access server doesn’t support SIP protocol (accourding to what I read from Cisco voice over IP(cvoice) third eddition) and only supports h.323. I need to connect them using a h323 trunk,I searched the google but couldn’t find anything, can someone help me in this issue?
and by the way is it a good idea to connect these two to each other?

thanks for your help and sorry for the inconvenience,

sorry, I thought it is related to freePBX so I post the thread here, thank you for your answer.

This access server does support SIP protocol. If your current load doesn’t provide SIP support - find the right image and upgrade the software.

As soon as it’s not related to FreePBX I suggest to ask for Asterisk related help in the right forum: