Connecting Analog PA from older phone system to Freepbx


I am looking at replacing an older telephone system with Freepbx. The only challenge I have is their PA/Paging system. They are using a Genexxa MPA-31 amplifier connected to a speakers system. It seems I need to connect to it with an RCA jack. There is an input for CD AUX or Phono. The current phone system is plugged into the CD aux plug.

Any suggestions on how to get this connected to the FreePBX system.


Pro solution:

Cheap DIY solution:
Take a junk IP phone e.g. one with a cracked screen or bad keyboard, open it up and solder the leads from an RCA plug to the speaker terminals. Make an intercom or paging call to the phone to page.

Thank you @Stewart1.

I see there are speaker wire outlets (red/black) to connect existing speakers. There is also a headphone jack. Reading some of the manuals it seems that the headphone jack is for setup. But I really assume the headphone jack can also be plugged into the amp with a 3.5mm to RCA adapter. Is that right to assume that?


Yes, you want the Line Out jack, via a suitable adapter.

Super, thanks again @Stewart1

The “old way” to do this was to use the ALSA driver and plug it into the local server, but I don’t know if newer versions of Asterisk readily support that any more.

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