Connecting analog lines to FreePBX server

What is best way to connect two or more analog phone lines to FreePBX server? As far as I see, I have to buy an FXO adapter with number of ports equal to number of analog phone lines which I wan’t to use on my FreePBX system.

Can I also map each line to each allready set up extension? I am using Yealink T41p phones and FreePBX is set up and running.



an analog adaptor or better yet a card for the pbx. and yes you can route each analog line (phone number) to a specific extension if you wish

Is there any recommended device? I am considering to buy Grandstream GXW-4104 from ebay, but I have heard that GrandStream has major problems with FW in recent past, which leads to freezing gateway. Patton and Audiocodes are entrprises devices, but they are too expensive and we don’t have enterprise needs.


Unfortunatelly I can’t get Sangoma card quickly here in Croatia. Which would be my first choice.

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Hi jfinstrom,

I have contacted it, hope they will reply soon or I will have to take Grandstream GXW4104, because Vega gateways are too expensive for me in this current use case.

Do I have to take something with this a200-2-24-port-expandable-analog-voice-board card?

Don’t buy the GXW4104, they are hard to configure. If you want a cheap gateway buy DINSTAR DAG1000 unit or even better buy a card, You can try OpenVox, cheap and they do the job.

An old genuine Digium TDM400P with a coupla FXO interfaces is usually a cheap and reliable proposition.
I could sell you one, but you’re on the other side of the planet.

@astbox, yes they are but I don’t have so much choice.

@bgroper, about how much money are we talking and on which side of the planet you are? I have bought above mentioned GXW4104, but I am unable to make outbound calls, I will give some more trys and then I need something really cheap.

A company a little closer to you that I find has good, reliable equipment is “synway”. They are a Chinese company and produce some pretty good cards. They have two product lines - one that’s more of an appliance (runs on Windows) and one that’s there to support Asterisk. They have a 4-port PCI/PCIX card that can be configured with FXS/FXO modules for any combination of lines.

It seems there’s lotsa these on the eBay.
IMHO, only buy genuine Digium, not clone.
Disclaimer. I’m not recommending the listing below. Its just the first one found in search. I give seller free publicity.

I am trying to install DAG1000-40 a 4 port Voip gateway with ASterisk 13 but unable to do it . I have put up request for help in general help section. Kindly reply

They are super easy to configure. Please use the guide that they have on their site for Elastix.