Connecting an incoming call from trunk to another trunk

hello all,
i have 2 trunks set up, one with my FXO and one with a SIP provider. I would like to connect incoming calls from FXO to the SIP provider trunk.

Right now the incoming calls from FXO are send to extension 100! and in inbound routes i only have the option to terminate call, send to extension or phonebook directory!



It depends on your choice. If you want to present dialtome to the incoming caller and let him use the other porvider as a calling card setup then DISA is the choice. However if you want to transparently route incoming caller to the number on other trunk without letting him know that he is being switched to other technology then you can try with custom contexts where you can dialout the number caller has dialed using dialplan. sample below

exten => _X.,1,Answer()
exten => _X.,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}

Above is marely a basic sample, you can put some custom code to detect incoming technology and forward the call accordingly.

Other options will appear, for example set up a ring group and you will see it there. You could set the ring group to call an external number which might do what you want. Can you explain more fully what you actually wish to achieve?

Basically i would like to have incoming calls from FXO diverted to POIVY trunk for cheaper international calls! I tried the above suggestion with DISA and it works fine. however i would prefer not having the user dial all sort of numbers and PINs before he can dail. i would rather have it more transparent as Edward Walker said! I would love to give custom contexts a try but have no clue about them, any tips on that?

and stonet, i gave your advise a try and setup a ring group! i just dont understand what i should include in the extension list! as i am not trying to ring an extension and rather a trunk! or is there any thing im missing here?