Connecting an E1 to FreePBX on a virtual machine

I have FreePBX running on a Hyper-v virtual machine. Currently my local lines come from my ISP in the form of 4 sim cards inserted into an adapter that provides then standard pstn lines which I plug into a Grandstream GWX4108 then connects through a sip trunk to the PBX.

My ISP would like to provide me with an E1 line (Also known in the US as a T1 or a J1 in Japan). I’m wondering how I will connect their channels to FreePBX. I have read in places that E1 card is what i need for the PBX, but since the PXB is running on a virtual service I don;t want to install the card on the hyper-v server.

Is there a standalone Adapter I can use similar to the GWX4108 to convert to sip through my local LAN? Or is there a better way? Or am I missing the point altogether?

Appreciate your help!

Or you could put a tdm card in the host machine and use dahdi’s dynamic-eth protocol to communicate tdm over ethernet between the dahdis on the vm and the host

Edit: oh, never mind the second solution you have windoze involved.

The is a lot of Gateway for E1 to SIP, look this: Vega100 VS0164 Sangoma

Thanks all. Looks liek he Vega 100 is what I need.


I am a bit late to the conversation, but I have been using an Epygi QXE1T1. I have the FreePBX system running on a Hyper V server. All works very well. Had a few teething problems with call quality on certain ports, but updating the Epygi to the latest firmware fixed those issues.

Thank you for your feedback!