Connecting a SIP server with an BRI Card Server

Hello Community,

I’m totally new to Asterisk, but I somehow managed to create a functional server using SIP for the company I work at. It’s using FreePBX 12.0.74. This one is for testing only, yet. Our current telephone server runs Asterisk 1.4 without a GUI, it’s using BRI Cards. For several reasons my superiors want me to connect the two servers together. It should work like when someone from the company is calling someone, that the call goes to the new server and gets forwarded to the old one as outbound route. And when someone is calling the company that the old server is forwarding the call to the new server and then to a telephone. I have no idea have to set this up, I read that it’s possible to do this with two SIP servers or two IAX2 servers. But I did not find anything for my special case. Any ideas?


You can definitely connect two servers via SIP or IAX trunks. But that makes sense only if you have some phones registering to the new server and some to the old.

You can set up test extensions on the new server (you can use softclients e.g.) and see if you can make successful calls to extensions on the old server.

If you want to use a phone e.g., then you have to set it up as an extension in freepbx on your new server and on the phone itself, change the IP address it registers to.

I already got it working. I had problems with the register string. But then I simply tried it without one and it worked.