Connect to PBX over VPN

I am trying to connect to my PBX server over a VPN.

My current network is setup like that

Local Network
Local PBX Client

VPN Network
VPN PBX Client

In my Extention I have an account 706 setup to allow IP ranges

I can connet and everything but when I try to call is saids calling and then Request Timeout.

I try to call my local client on my local network as well as other normal telliphone number but I get the same result am I missing a setting or somthing.


All subnets must be defined in Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings, Local Networks.

Thanks for the responce, sorry I am slow to respond I am very busy.

Anyways yes it has also been defined in the Asterisk SIP setting. But I still have the same problem :frowning:
Any Ideas


I fixed the problem, or at least found the problem/solution, my client application I was using MicroSIP Portable is the problem, for some reason it will not make calls, it can answer them but will not make them. Not sure why, anyways I switched to 2 other programs Blink and Jitsi, still not sure what one I like better but at least they work and can make and answer calls.

One other question is there any suggestions on audio improvements I can make over a VPN connection, I hear audio and or Video conversation are not the best over a VPN. I have tried a few test calls is it is true.very poor quality. :frowning: Any Ideas? (Is is better to put this question in a new post?)

Thanks for all of your help