Connect time condition to ringgroup and extension

I did a lot of searching, but don’t find the solution.
This is asking for a “workaround” or intelligent tric :slight_smile:

We have

  1. General timeconditions to redirect to the
    a. Night team
    b. Day team
  2. The Day and Night Team have more extensions.
  3. So we made ringgroups for that.
  4. Now I want to filter the extensions of people who are on holliday, so they are not disturbed on their mobile phones.
    5 So between the ringgroup and the extenision a new layer of time conditions is needed. I am looking for something like this.
    The complete chain would look like this:

Inbound Route > TIme condition > Ringgroup > Time Condition > Extension.
(if time con

This leaves me with question:
a. How to connect a TIme condition to a ringgroup ??

I tried something with queues and dummy extensions, but have a waiting time then (1 second)

Any ideas?

Regards, Eef

Might have found a trick:

I created a misc application for every User, and called it "username bubble"
Every user has his bubble, and can have:

  • Time condition (great for hollidays and partime working hours)
  • Follow me extensions (desk phone, cell phone, ipad, softphone, etc. )

And treat this bubble as if it where the user extension.
this gives great freedom to make very flexible chains.


You need to be more clear. What extra flexibility does this add? You can route timeconditions for extensions in the dial plan.