Connect freepbx to GSM module

I need some configuration about a UMTS GSM OfficeRoute with freepbx
I’m reading a manual for the 2N OfficeRoute.It’s a equipment that can hold 4 sims cards and has hos own admin GUI (configuration of
extentions of IVR…).
The thing I want to make that is only to use this GSM equipment for receiving a call on the numbers that I’ll insert on the Office Route
All the others configurations must be done using using freepbx (Such as extensions,Inbound and Outbound Routes).
How can I connect this equipment to freepbx ? And how can I configure freepbx to receive calls directly on the SIMS cards of my OfficeRoute?

you have to create a SIP trunk between 2N and FreePBX and GSM module as a PSTN line.

Thank you

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