Connect attempt from '' unable to authenticate

in my asterisk CLI i keep getting this error

Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate

also in freepbx i get errors that asterisk is not running. BUT IT IS RUNNING.

I have checked manager.conf and amportal.conf but I am still not able to get this to connect.

can someone help me?

I have freepbx installed.

Well in 2.9 all the manager settings are in the Advanced Settings Module which writes them to the database. Go look in there and compare to what you have in manager.conf and adjust accordingly

thanks for the reply…

Do you know what db/table/field i should be looking for?

I tried before posting…
db asterisk
table ampusers
user admin
it was set as a sha1 pw so I generated a hash from my pw with php and inputed into the table as the admin password. That didnt fix it. :confused: