Connect asterisk to an external IP PBX / Problem with transfers

Hi everyone! And thanks for reading me!
It is kind of complicated to ask the question without telling you how the configuration is.

I am connected to a Nec central, from asterisk, with trunks (type friend), each sip trunk is emulating a nec’s extension.
For example, I emulate being the extension 200 of the nec, with a asterisk’s sip trunk
When I call ext 200 (in the nec system), it rings asterisk. In this way, I have several extensions (let’s say ext 200 to 210 from the nec)

Until then everything works perfect. My problem starts when from Asterisk I want to transfer to another Nec extension. (Nec send a call to asterisk, and Asterisk needs to transfer to another nec ext)
If I want to transfer from asterisk 200 to nec 300, I am using another trunk / internal pair for the transfer (with a follow me 300 #)

So there are 2 trunks in use until the communication ends (one for incomming, other for out), and this is killing me, because I do not have so many SIP licenses from the Nec

Just in case I add that I have no way to connect through a SIP trunk with more than 1 channel

So there is the question. Do I have a way to send a TRANSFER command through the trunk, which allows the channel to be released, and not to use another secondary trunk for the oucomming call?
I’m trying to transfer a call which entered from the nec system, to the same nec, so it has no sense to keep 2 trunks in use…
How do I forward the transfer through the trunk so the transfer take place outside of asterisk, and the main PBX take the course?

I hope beeing clear in the explanation
Thank you very much for reading this

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With a custom dialplan you can use the Transfer command. As long as the call does not originate in Asterisk, it should do what you are asking.

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Yes! It worked

Thanks a lot!

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