Connect App on iOS gives "Error" message when dialing out

My end user has been using the Desktop Connect app and iOS Connect app for a month now with no issues. They work remotely. Today the Desktop app logged out and when we try to log back in it states your PBX isn’t supported.

I reset the password and that didn’t change anything. So we made sure the Mobile app was working. Since I reset the password I sent them a new Invite link to use.

The link seems to work fine and it registers to our PBX. They can receive calls on the Mobile device but when they dial our it gives “Error”.

I don’t have an Apple device handy to test but it does work just fine on my Android device.

I have a copy of the SipLog from their device, just not sure what to look for to help figure out the issue.

The firewall rules haven’t changed any and I know they work based on my own testing with my Android device. I was using my Cellular Data connection so I wasn’t on the company wifi. So it would have to route through the firewall.

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