Connect an external music on hold device

Replacing a customers existing phone system with FreePBX. Customer would like to continue to use their existing music on hold player, which plays .mp3 files.

I see where people have installed sound cards and connected to external players. Does this still work? Are there any configuration concerns doing this?

If instead, we load the .mp3 files directly onto FreePBX, are there file limitations? file size, etc?

So far I haven’t seen any issues with uploading all the MP3 files onto FreePBX aside from the obvious (Or not so) issues with proper licensing. Considerations you may have are mainly the naming of the files if you want the MP3 files played in a specific order. I tried a 3 hour mp3 file (converted to wav) with out any issues as well.

If you have a set of MP3 files that are fairly static, then I would just upload them to the server. If you are streaming audio then your options become slightly more complicated but still doable.