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I’m trying to configure an outbound route to my freepbx server but It seems not to be work.
I want to know that If I can associate a freepbx extension to a real mobile number phone to be able to make outgoing calls
Thank you

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Let’s solve this problem. If we can’t, we’ll move on to your other question, since what you’re asking isn’t actually how the system works at all.

What issues are you having with outbound calls? We need logs of your outgoing attempts, who your provider is, and your “privacy protected” outbound route and trunk settings (no passwords).

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I just want to be able to call a +226 XX XX XX XX number using 3CX phone I tried using 3 ways -0022674588181
-226 XX XX XX XX
The issue is that when I call I receive a your call cannot be completed as dial
These are the logs

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OK - the last one (the /var/log/asterisk/full one) isn’t nearly the whole call. It’s the right log, just not nearly all of the call.

If it is, you are missing a LOT of setup stuff. Show us your trunk configuration to your ITSP and the outbound route you are using. Also, we’re probably going to have to talk about your PJ-SIP settings, so get ready to show us the “Advanced Settings” configuration for your SIP connections.

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Ok these are my config for trukn routes and pjsip

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You need to read the Wiki for setting up outbound trunks and routes.

Your outbound route configuration is set up so that the only calls that get passed to the trunk provider are ones that are a dialed single digit, and then the digits 226 will be prepended to that single digit and sent out.

The dial patterns are selectors as well as editors. Your dialed number has to match the selection criteria for the outbound route, and then must pass the editing rules and selector for the trunk.

Edit both of those first and try again. I can’t get to the Wiki site right now, but there is an entire section on outbound route processing.

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Now I works
I had 1 error on the dialplan

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