Connect 2 FreePBXs

I want to connect 2 Freepbx’s.
Just to be sure how to do this.
I want to make 2 IAX trunks (Pbx A + B) with inter company option selected.
And then make a internal dialplan.
Is this the way to do this? Or am I forgetting something.
Maybe someone knows a good manual online for this?
Many thanks in advance!!

This guide will help you figure this out

What you need to do is configure the IAX Trunks between each PBX, and assign each PBX it’s own range, ie. PBX1 has extensions in the 1XXX range and PBX2 has extensions in the 2XXX range.

Make sure that in both trunks you use context “from-internal” and then set up an outbound route in PBX one to match 2XXX and use the trunk connecting to PBX2, and in PBX2 set an outbound route for 1XXX to use trunk connecting to PBX1.

If you only have PSTN connectivity on PBX1, i.e SIP trunk or DAHDI and want to send outbound calls from PBX2 through PBX1 set up your outbound route to NPANXXXXXX like you would normally and choose to route through the PBX1 trunk.

The “from-internal” context will allow the outbound calls to pass normally as if they were on the local PBX1 box.

Make Sense?


Hi hbonath,

Thank you for the answer and the manual.
I will try this and let you know the results.
Alway’s nice to hear.

Greets Bas