Congestion Dialer Freepbx

Dear I need you to have a problem with the auto-dialer fop(flash operator panel ) when i put some numbers to call for example I have the gateway sim slots 30 slots and the numbers I put in 40 the auto-dialer calls are 30 numbers only and the rest of number which is 10 are congestion so if anyone knows this problem or solve it please reply to my for this urgent case.

Your provider isnt allowing more than 30 calls at once. You should ask them your limit.

we have gsm goip outbound Sim Card

Please explain what you expect to happen when all 30 SIMs are in use.

we have GSM ( 32 channels) and are in use 30 and when i set the dialer to 35 the rest of numbers are consider they are been called as the screen shot so there is no management between the dialer and the GSM device so there is any solution for this case .

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