Confusing Module Admin directive --

Good Morning,

I have been focused on a number of other things and may just be missing something – But a couple of my servers with Framework are telling me that there are 50+ module upgrades to apply. So I go into Module Admin, Highlight Basic and Extended, and click on Check Online.

It notes that there is a 2.11 upgrade tool (as expected). but then many of the modules show that if I click Upgrade all they will move to a 2.11.n version.

This is contrary to what I have always done in the past where only upgrades to module within the version would be select in check online (AKA 2.10.n). My process has always been to get the base installation current with an Update all for the “version”, then run the upgrade tool, then make one last past to get all modules to the “current” level.

My question should I go though an manually select all the 2.10.n upgrades an get them installed first, then run the tool then upgrade modules as I always have, or is this a new process where upgrade all does it correctly in one pass ??

If the multi step approach is still the right process then the Check online may be looking at and selecting from a broken view !



I would use the upgrade tool to get to the latest then run the full module update. The module server is smart at some level and will feed you modules compatible to your version. So if you update then go to 11 then you may have to update 2 times. If you go to 11 you can just update once.

Tagging along with what James said. We announced this about 5 months ago but modules do not track specific FreePBX releases anymore. Meaning if you upgrade to 12.0 all modules would not be 12.0. Why is this? It’s because we ended up bumping module versions for no other reason than “they needed to match freepbx” which makes no sense in the end.

In the end FreePBX 2.10 will get some 2.11 modules and FreePBX 12 will get some 2.11 modules along with 12.0 modules.

Nothing is broken. This is intentional.

Okay, As I said I have been away from the project for awhile with very stable machines, so I had not paid much attention till the other day -

 Thank you for the prompt replies.