Confusing FMFM issue

We have a odd issue with some FMFM extensions

Extension 123 which has a DID of 123-456-7890
FMFM is set to go that that users cell phone 987-654-3210

A caller from outside or inside the company calls 987-654-3210
That user gets the call on their cell no problem

A caller from inside the company dials Ext 123
The call immediately goes to the Cellphone voicemail and the cell does not ring at all.
Anyone ever had this issue before

Problem solved… Internal is not using a specific outbound route so the caller ID is different.
User had blocked that number…

cool - another good one is testing FMFM from the mobile defined in the FMFM; in that case at least for Verizon when the number assigned to the mobile phone is seen calling itself the inbound call is directed straight to VM

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