Confused on Incoming DID/CID & CID Priority Route

Hi I have a Zaptel DID Number that I have Time condition Rules on.
What I would like to do is add a couple of CID’s to bypass this Time condition (consider this After Hours Access).
I have defined each AH customer with DID and CID and ticked CID Priority Route (and every combination of these options), each time I receive the normal recording (for testing I setup to ring a ring group direct).
I have tried all options that I can think of with no success. These Customers forward CLI, so what have I missed.
I have done some searching but can’t find anything relevant.

Asterisk 1.4 32bit.

How about providing some details when asking for help like the versions of things you are running? In this specific case it’s hard to give a correct answer without it.

So that you understand there were some changing in the CID/DID processing between FreePBX 2.4 to 2.5 to address changes in processing order due to changes inside asterisk that make things work differently between * 1.4 and 1.6.

You mention that you have used the DID and CLI, you dont have to use both it may be that it is matchin the CLI but not the DID can you post some call traces?

for what you are describing, there is no need to use CID Priority (it will effectively have no effect. If you assume a DID of 2125551234 and some specific CIDs you can do the following:

2125551234 => Time Condition
2125551234/2064441234 => some-other-destination
2125551234/2064445678 => some-other-destination

where the number after the / is what you put in for your CID.

If you have put in your CIDs and DIDs in the proper format that they are coming into your system, then the calls with a CID listed will be routed over the DID with no CID listed that goes to the Time Condition.

The only reason to use the CID Priority is if you had a CID only route, such as your “X Girlfriend” and you wanted to route all her calls to some destination regardless of the DID that she called, since normally, a DID takes precedence over a CID only route if there is a route with that DID.

Opps sorry about the lack of details. (Didn’t cross my mind).
Asterisk 1.4 32bit.

Please excuse the simple question here.
Is the above example entered as text in a config file somewhere or using the Graphical Interface of the “Inbound Routes” page? If so what File should I be editing? and will it impact “Inbound Routes” configured using the Graphical Interface
I have been using the Graphical Interface of the “Inbound Routes” page to configure these changes.
As I see, what I have setup it would appear/be represented as you have put in your text.
Looking again I also had an Incoming Route with Any DID/CID => Time condition, could this affect the call routing?


the instructions are for the GUI. The Any/Any route will take any calls that are not otherwise matched by your route. The issue you are probably having is that your DID and/or CID is not properly formatted so the calls are actually going through the Any/Any route thus the reason it looks like your routes are not having any effect.

Have a look at the CLI or log file when calls are made, the Any/Any route should print a debug message wrt to the DID it received and you can see how the DID is actually coming in.