Confused about 2.9 update

Hi all,

I’ve just read Philipe’s last blog where it says:
…“if you’ve been updating through Module Admin then you will have seen it go final for a couple of weeks now”…

Well I just checked my Module Admin but there it still says 2.8.0beta1.0 at the 2.9 upgrade tool.

So I’m confused. Is this the official 2.9 upgrade? I’d really like to upgrade my server but am unable to do so with a beta version (my boss would never approve).

Any comments on this would be appreciated!

If you look at the top left side of FreePBX, right under the FreePBX logo, you will see a version number. If that says something like you are on FreePBX 2.8.
You will have a Version Upgrade that is in beta, if you use that tool you can easily upgrade to 2.9. Once you have upgraded the Version Upgrade Tool will disappear.