Confounded by Call Pickup

I’m really struggling trying to figure out why Call Pickup isn’t working… I have a small office (4 phones). Two of the phones are GXP-2000 the other two are GXP-1200s.

When a call comes in, it’s directed through the Day/Night system and eventually rings the receptionists desk. She wants that phone to ring at her desk and a phone in the shop simultaneously so I have the true final destination going to a ring group.

No matter which feature code I use (*8 or **), I can’t seem to get another phone to snag an inbound call. For all the phones I put them in callgroup 100 and pickupgroup 100.

Can anyone offer some guidance on how to debug this? I’m stymied…



See How to use callgroups and pickgroups and note:

“Callgroups must have a number between 0 and 63.”

per wiseoldowl’s comment, pickupgroup/callgroups can’t go that high and they are what control *8. When trying to use directed call pickup (**) it’s going to depend on what version of FreePBX you are running. Directed call pickup had lots of problems prior to 2.5 and even 2.5 has some issue. Prior to 2.5, you will not be able to pickup the call if it rings the phone through a ringgroup (or various other means).
If I recall correctly, there may be addition fixes in the 2.6 module branch (which is svn trunk for the freepbx branch). That is not released yet though, so you would have to be comfortable with working with the source code to get setup.

Thanks folks,

I found that I was running a 2.4.X version and I updated it. This got directed pickup working. I didn’t know about the limitation on call group; I’ll have to try that. Thanks!